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It is SO possible to figure out what the heck we should be doing in our lives. When we’re young, with fewer responsibilities… the future looks wide open, and we just *assume* we’ll walk, of course, right into our THING. 


And then… Guh. It’s astonishing how quickly weeks and months slip by and turn into years… time seems to be passing, and still no lightning bolt seems to be coming to deliver our *big idea*


Honestly, it’s easy to give up hope altogether once things like jobs, children, bills, other responsibilities start coming in. We think, well, maybe it just doesn’t work that way. But THAT doesn’t feel quite right either, does it. There’s that deflated feeling, because we sense… we can sense deep inside us somewhere that there IS more to life. There just is, if we could ONLY figure it out, but it’s so incredibly frustrating, disappointing when we just have no idea what IT is. Whew.


This may be a great fit for you if…

  • You have a million interests, and hundreds of ideas. And GACKKKKK! Just can’t decide which one to focus on, which one may be ‘the thing’ for you.
  • You are entrepreneurially hearted / minded. Meaning you might love the idea of ‘doing your own thing’ maybe, or even if you prefer a job, you really want your work to be meaningful. It is hugely important for you, and when you don’t have it, you feel very numb inside.
  • You are in life more for the experiences you can have, versus stuff. You are not particularly sure this work at a secure mediocre job in order to retire is the be all and end all of your life.
  • You sense there’s something great inside you trying to get out, and you just can’t figure out WHAT!
I typically work with up to 5 private clients at any given time. If you would like to explore this, to see if it’s a fit, drop me an email at: alex [at] bigdreamprogram [dot] com and I can help you decide.


IMPORTANT: Available session times are typically Mon-Fri between 10am and 3pm Eastern Standard Time (Toronto), by Skype, FaceTime or phone.


How much does it cost? How do I book?


For one session:
  • It’s $225 Cdn  If you’re in Canada and prefer paying by email transfer – saves on fees for me too so I like it ;), you can send it to: alex [at] bigdreamprogram [dot] com  With Security Question: What’s in my?  Answer: Energy
  • If you are outside of Canada, or prefer Credit Card or PayPal, reach out here and I’ll send you a link.


Truthfully, I don’t think I can do my best work in one session, but we can certainly get started 🙂


For a 5-session package: works out at $195 Cdn per session (saves you $150 on sessions alone – clearly I want you to go this route if you are able.  But ALSO…
With the 5-session package you get the WTH am I doing with my life eKit and the MapMaker eKit (value $98) for free – because we will use these in the beginning to corral your 100 crazy ideas and dreams and see how they fit together into plans forward.
To get this package deal:


  • It’s $975 Cdn  If you’re in Canada and prefer paying by email transfer – saves on fees for me too so I like it ;), you can send it to: alex [at] bigdreamprogram [dot] com  With Security Question: What’s in my?  Answer: Energy
  • If you are outside of Canada, or prefer Credit Card or PayPal, reach out here and I’ll send you a link.


Of course, I know these can be big decisions, so please feel free to reach out to me to see if we’d be a good fit together for what you’re aiming for.


I’ve been woefully poor at collecting testimonials over the years, I’m afraid, but am just starting to do that, as I know they can be interesting and helpful to read when you’re trying to make up your mind on something. I do have one below here – to start with. 😉


Big hug,



Working with Alex:


Devika Singh. The Techy Tantrika

“I definitely want to share with you an incredible time in 2010 when I got a chance to attend a hugely inspiring workshop entitled, The Calling Workshop (aka What the *&^% am I doing with my life), which was held at what was then called The Inner Garden in Toronto.

At the time, I was working at a job that was getting me nowhere fast, and I was really upset that I simply couldn’t figure out how to become self-employed. Life seemed to be one giant rut and I needed new tactics to deploy — new inspiration to get my gears going, and this workshop’s description seemed to be right in line with how I felt. As you would imagine, the workshop title also happened to draw me in.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Alex’s workshop that evening and he went on to help myself and many others I know with the material he shares in that workshop (which I’m STILL amazed to find to this very day he’s offering via his website for only a dollar! Now THAT’S commitment to helping people!) I’ve worked 1:1 online with Alex since attending that workshop and I have to say his intuition and empathy has always been world-class! While I knew what I wanted to do since I met him, I eventually intuitively realized while working with him that some sort of “secret” or “hidden” knowledge was missing so I, (reluctantly) at the time, decided to pack up my plans to go forward publically with my relationship coaching program and stuck to the part-time work I was doing with people. While Alex was super supportive and excited for me and my work, he also had the wisdom to know too that this feeling I had about around this missing piece of my practice was something I needed to honour. It was hard at the time for me but I never regretted that decision, and Alex really helped me during that process.

It took me many years after that to hone in on this ‘secret’ knowledge several Tantric lineages have provided me with (I guess that’s the thing about ‘secret’ knowledge: it’s secret and will find YOU at the right time) and once I felt ready with my work, I shared my discovery with Alex and he was just as thrilled for me and very supportive! Working with Alex reminded me that things do develop organically at their own pace, and that when you’re on your Life Path, Life will give you all the time you need to allow things to grow and develop.

I’ve worked with/alongside many a-coaches in my time and I’ve yet to meet anyone who possesses anything close to Alex’s unique intuition, intuitive guidance, empathy, resourcefulness, wisdom and genuineness. The world could definitely use more Alex’s in it, I say!”

~Devika Singh. The Techy Tantrika. Find here here:  YouTube   &   website