Life-Design Adventure HQ – Part 3

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Part 3:

1. Call#3!! (a little over 90mins) where we cover Jr #3: The Who, and begin JR #4: Your Energy. We’ve got some great stories and examples to illustrate how these JRs can work miracles… especially the story of me shedding a tear over my pint of Guinness when I heard an electrician’s remarkable experience 🙂



Core content: from part 3…

2. The coffee shop exercise. In the call, we talked about the coffee shop exercise as a fast-track way of figuring out the ‘who’ that we might most love to work with, and the ‘what’ we would love to be exploring with them. This can be HUGELY helpful in figuring out our fun and work path forward. 

Listen to the call, obviously, to get the gist of the exercise, and then here’s what I’d suggest. Take yourself to a coffee shop or other location that you enjoy for an hour or so. Then brainstorm the who and what topics you talked about. Fill a page in your journal at least with every detail you notice. Personalities, feel… what kinda people? What do they care about? What do you love about them? Why do you feel so at home and vibrant with them? Why… in short, do you love them? Why do they love you?

Then think about the topics that you MOST enjoy in your conversations with them. You can even take it a step further… does anything else happen in the coffee shop that you all love? Like music, food, surprises like a dancer going through the place… the more you delve into this, the more you might be exploring the exact ‘feel’, content, and who that you are well suited to design things for in your income projects… Remember, you don’t need to start a coffee shop, or even have a bricks and mortar location to work with what you come up with. It’s the elements of what you notice that can be re-created in so many different ways down the road.

For instance, I love roadtrips. So much. And as such I named and styled my 30 day meditation virtual course as an ‘inner roadtrip’ and people commented so often on how much they ‘felt’ they were on a roadtrip with me. I loved it, and many commented on loving it. Find your favourite environments, whos, and topics, and bam… solid foundation upon which to build something super authentic to you…



3. Optional stuff and doodads:


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