Life-Design Adventure HQ – Part 2

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Part 2:

1. Call#2!! (a little over 90mins) where we have some q&a, and then launch squarely into JR#1 Big Dreams, and JR #2 Lifestyle Design… with lots of stories, in particular – the Tale of the Two Barbers 😉



2. Link to 20 optional 1on1 sessions with me. There are 17 now available as I write this, and I will try to update it. There are some important caveats though in terms of my availability. You can read about that here.


Also, make sure you listen to the call first, to get the context, but when you’re finished, if you’d like to see a little video of me telling the Barber Story to a big group of entrepreneurs in Canmore, Alberta. This video was recorded by my dear friend and colleague, Tad Hargrave (of marketing for hippies fame!) on his iphone. The sound’s a little low, but still works!




Optional resources for Part 2:

First, a TED talk by Shawn Achor – on Happiness and Work. It’s quirky, that’s for sure. You may love or not love his style, but his message is AWESOME I feel. See what you think:




And I’d LOVE to share this video with you:

Navigation links: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5