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The biggest hurdle that most of us have, when trying to build a new ‘life’ is… time. It’s just default for most of us that we’re BUSY. And if you’re like me, you sometimes get the niggling suspicion that you just might not always be busy with the right THINGS 😉 


I built the Time Enlightener awhile back for my clients who were really feeling the need to take a look at their time. What I noticed is that so many time management ideas had more to do with how to squeeze more in. In my thinking, life is more like a garden than a closet, and squeezing more into a garden just makes everything feel stressy. Nothing can grow properly.

Especially the beautiful things that take a bit of space… like peace, laughs with loved ones, time just to… think. To be. 

The Time Enlightener is about throwing out the mechanical model of our ‘agenda’ and beginning to design our calendar in a fresh new way. Space to breathe!


How it works:

It’s divided into 4 modules (which can be considered a 4-week program), the Time Enlightener meditation, and a checklist because it’s fun 😉 Here are the links to each part…


logoGetting started: Click here Time Enlightener Introduction pdf 




Cultivating Great Moments meditationCultivating Great Moments. This “agenda-friendly” 10-minute meditation has a powerful affect on how you view and plan your future. Rather than thinking about the future in blocks of time, you are creating the landscape for great new memories. Click here to listen.



Week One: The Gratitude Experiment & Journal. This module will change what you notice. You will begin to make more enlightened decisions, improve your ability to receive, and get more enjoyment out of your life. Click here: the Gratitude Experiment pdf



Week Two: Wedges of Light. Twenty small things that lead to lots of good feelings. This module is about learning to be proactive – starting with the small things: Click here: Week Two Introduction and Time Enlightener Week 2: Wedges Of Light



Week Three: Creative Energy Inflow. Taking things to the next level involves a deeper understanding of your flow of energy. You know where you spend energy, this is where to get more. Click here to begin: Week Three Intro and Time Enlightener Week 3: Creative Energy Inflow




Week Four: The ‘no’ Challenge. Your time is the most valuable commodity you have. It is a great resource, and can be used doing remarkable things. This module helps you become a good steward of this resource. Click here to begin: Week Four Intro and Time Enlightener Week 4: The NO challenge


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