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mugshot of AlexMy full-time business is the Big Dream Program. I travel around North America giving workshops on Life-Design, finding out calling, and starting a small dream.

My main hope with all this is to not only support my fellow grown-ups 😉 but also to see if I can help change the playing field that our children are coming into.

We teach them to follow their hearts, but when they grow up and hit the ‘real world’ often they find that dreams are not always encouraged. That they should put the things they really want to do on the shelf and get on with the business of responsible survival.

I think of the incredible loss in this. The solutions to problems in our world, symphonies that have not yet been written, amazing books, businesses, visions that can change the world are walking around now in the hearts and minds of children, and yes – us grown-ups too.

If we can break into a new way of enjoying our lives. If we can get a dream off the shelf. If we can follow our hearts into more meaningful work… we are not just doing this for ourselves. We are doing it for the generation that is watching us… to see how they should live.

Let’s inspire them.

Here is a way to book a complimentary 30min ‘what to do next’ session with me. 1on1 by Skype or phone. Yay! (1on1 sessions are usually $175/hr).  Available times are typically 9-5 Eastern standard time, Mon-Fri.

You can book this session by filling out the form below, and I will contact you as soon as I can. (note – if I happen to be on the road, i can sometimes get a little behind with my emails, just bear with me)

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 Here’s the form for you to fill out and we’ll be booking our half-hour session. 🙂

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