the authentic life-design starter kit

the Life-Design Sprouter Kit

So many folks leave my ‘what the &*^% am I doing with my life’ workshops with a changed heart. Like there’s hope again, thinking ‘I *can* be myself in this world. I don’t have to sell my soul.’ Sheesh. It feels good.

And yet, they don’t always know where to start. If this is you, all fired up and no place to go 😉 you are not alone. I’ve been getting so many emails from people not quite ready for a series of 1on1 sessions, but still really wanting support getting going on the JRs. Or wanting to share the JRs insights – this whole life-as-an-ecosystem mindset with a spouse / child / friend.



Enter: the Life-Design Sprouter Kit.

Oh my gosh. I am over the moon to be finally in a position to help out with this. I’ve been planning to put together this kit for 2 years, and NOW it’s out, and I’m going to admit to you that I am VERY thrilled with it. It’s going to get people kickstarted in two of the biggest ways I know of: beginning to work on small / big dreams, and changing how they see their TIME so they can spend more of their lives doing stuff they really get a lot out of.

(you can save $10 on the price – check out the ‘how much is it’ section below)

“Alex Baisley’s work is a huge missing link in my own work. I can’t tell you how many clients I refer to him. Why? Because he really, really (really) gets what most marketing coaches only give lip service too – you start with your lifestyle and you back your business into that. He holds up the seemingly impossible notion that by doing what you love, in the way you want to do it, you will not only have a better quality of life – but you might just make more money to boot. I’ve been waiting for him to have a product like this for years so I could tell all of my people about it. And I’m so thrilled it’s finally here.”  ~Tad Hargrave

What it is:


Jumpstart eWorkbook

The Life-Design Sprouter kit is a sort of ‘energy catapult’ into a new way of living. It is a homestudy 4-6 week program (depending on the time you dedicate) delivered instantly online in the form of pdf workbooks and logs, a whack of helpful videos, 2 game-changing meditations, and a 1on1 session with me. Here’s what’s in the kit:

  1. 10 min intro video to the JR / ecosystem model, and why it can set people free to do what they truly want.
  2. The ‘What the *&^% am I doing with life?! workshop’ on video – 7 videos
  3. The Jumpstart eCourse and Goal Log: where your ‘bucket list’ meets refreshing new motivation.
  4. The ‘what to do about fear’ video
  5. The Time Enlightener eCourse: you will never quite look at time the same way again. This is a 4-module e-workshop which takes you through the practical steps of converting your calendar from a closet you’re trying to stuff so much into, to a garden… with SPACE. So, so nice. This eCourse alone can bring such a HUGE change in a short period of time. Includes the ‘Cultivating Great Moments meditation’


“Thank you so much for your information, Alex!  As a result of completing the Jumpstart course I am beginning to develop a picture of the steps that need to happen as a part of my journey to my BIG dream.”  Kristy, Tennessee, USA


This might be a fit for you if:

  • You can be very ambitious when you get your teeth into something.
  • You are very keen to change how life feels right now. Increased freedom, flexibility, knowing what you want, and feeling on track is something you are craving.
  • Your current life is feeling a bit neglected. Like it wants you to make some kind of decision, take some initiative, but you just don’t know what to do.

Time Enlightener eKit

How does this work?

The Sprouter is a home study 4-6 week program (depending on the time you dedicate) that combines my two most popular ePrograms: the Jumpstart eCourse on Big Dreams, and the Time Enlightener Kit. AND an hour 1on1 by phone or skype with me to talk about  JR#5: creating meaning with work and income.

 “I’m loving the Time Enlightener.  In fact, the first week I felt like I was on speed because I was so full of energy and was getting so many things completed that I’ve been putting off.”  – Nick, Canada

“I suggested to my husband that we change suppertime into a time when we share successes, rather than continue to problem solve or debrief our day.  Much more relaxing and yes, energizing.”  – J.J. – Guelph, Canada “


Benefits during the program:

  • you will begin to get that lovely feeling of being on track vs stuck. Imagine for instance that your dream were to take a big roadtrip somewhere. You will be ‘happy as a clam’ when you leave your own driveway – living our calling is not about reaching a destination but embarking on the life we really want and authentically calls us. 
  • mugshot of Alexyou will have a structure to follow. The workbooks and meditations will guide you surely through these important steps of laying the foundation for the life that most suits you, as the individual you are. It’s not ‘pie-in-the-sky’, this is ‘rubber meets the road start here, and you will be happier’. 
  • we will have a 1on1 session at the end of it, in this way I can share so much help with you.


Benefits after the program:

  • you will never see time, and your dreams the same way again. Dreams will have begun to become building blocks in your normal day-to-day life.
  • you will have a better foundation than 95% of people out there upon which you are building a life that suit you. One you really care about. That fits you comfortably and freely. Most people do not have this, mainly, because they don’t have a structure to follow which allows them to attain it. This need not be rocket science, it’s clear, once you see how to design and build ways forward.
  • it will be very difficult to become stuck again, when you see how to break big life-design questions down into the parts you can really do something about. These insights I am sharing have helped so many people understand how to ‘work’ with their lives in a way that led them from feeling lost to that GORGEOUS and elusive feeling of being on track. Wow. I love this. I am so proud of this, and hope I can be of help to you as well.

” It is never too late to be who we might have been”  ~George Elliot

How much is it?

The normal cost for everything in this package separately is $265. And for at least the first 40 Sprouter kits, I’ve committed to keeping the price at $97. I think you’ll love it, and I feel super-excited about this. I know it’s going to really help some people, and that feels wonderful to me in my heart. Yay!


***You can save $10 off the regular price – ergo $87 by paying with email interac transfer through your online banking. Basically there are no fees for me, so I can pass the savings onto you! To begin this way, just send a transfer to: alex [at] bigdreamprogram [dot] com. You can use the security question: name of Kit?  answer: Sprouter. Drop me an email to let me know you’ve done this and I’ll send you all the links you need 🙂  ***



“Alex, has the ability to help me rise above the clouds to see the horizon ahead, which allows me to have a clearer picture in my head of the road that lies before me.”  A very knoweldageble and understanding listener, I would recommend anyone to have a simple chat with Alex to see for yourself what he can do.”  K.C., Guelph, Canada


How do I start?

You can start now if you like. Click the ‘buy now’ button below and you will be able to pay using either credit card or PayPal. Upon checkout you will directed immediately to the whole Kit. Every piece is there on the webpages and you can work through it at your own pace. There is an online form there in the kit to fill out to book your 1on1 with me.


You can drop me a line anytime from the ‘contact me’ page if you have questions about this or you could use some help deciding if it’s for you 🙂

big hug,