Life-Design Adventure – temporary access

mugshot of AlexWelcome to the 30 day Life-Design Adventure!

aka – What the &*^% am I doing with my life?!


Okeydokey. Here we go. Free access to our whole week one. Yes it’s a taster, but it’s also complete in and of itself. I hope you find it enjoyable. Here is the link to the whole course description.



Part 1:

Call #1: (about 80 mins) is our foundational beginning to this adventure, it sets the tone, tells a few stories – as always with me, and gives you some overview and beginning steps






Core content: from part 1…

1. The complete Jumpstart eCourse and Goal Log. This is an online program designed to help folks begin to dig DEEP into their big dreams. It comes easily to some, hard to others. See how you find it. It helps in JR#1 as an important ecosystem ingredient for life/income design. We will speak in more detail about this in Call#2, so it’s great to begin this now. Click here to download the complete pdf of this workbook and log.

Here, also, is a link to the Goal Visualizer Meditation that is mentioned in the Jumpstart workbook 🙂



2. In Call#1, I mentioned the ‘how would I like my life to feel?’ exercise. Here’s my suggestion on how to do that. Take yourself to a lovely location – coffee shop, pub, sunny hillside, woods, wherever you love to go to journal or think… with a notebook.

Wrt life-direction let’s try the new question. Instead of what would I like to do? we’re going to try ‘how would I like my life to feel?’  To begin with, I wonder how you feel about the question? How does it feel to do this?

How it works is this: ask yourself ‘how would I like my life to feel?’ and see what answers come to you. Write them vertically down the left side of your page. Then, look at each item in your list and ask the next question: what things have I done or do I do in my life (or experienced) that give me this feeling. 

Now… after that – have a look at your list, and another question… what if your only job, in terms of life-design, were to do more of ‘that’? And more intriguingly… ‘what if some or all of my income could come from activities like these?’

I know, I know – this can sound Polyanna. But what if it isn’t? What if focusing on things like these in your list is smart self-management? These are the things that give you the most energy, never mind fulfillment… and many people find that work and income become much more meaningful, and successful, when they are aligned with what gives us energy… 



3. Optionals for super-keeners. (you know who you are!!!) or if you’re feeling stuck on the ideas above…

  • If you are having trouble with the 50 big dreams, OR would love to try something else, here are some suggestions: 
    • the likes list: grab a wee notebook, and a pen. Keep it for a few days, and you have one mission. Make a little note of everything you encounter in your days that you really like. Things like a particularly nice coffee, birdsong, sun on your face, a comment someone makes, look for real and sometimes little things – no matter how insignificant… if you like something, write it down.
    • The 20 min discussion and meditation called: What if this thing were to suddenly become really easy?
  • And this exercise which was a favourite of many people and completely changed how some people were viewing their big dreams, and their lives. It’s all about ‘taking your inner rebel out on a date’ 😉 I think you’ll love it. Here is the link to hear about that! 
  • Also – here are 2 YouTube videos, the first is a little animation, the second an aMAZING Ted talk, I think you’ll LOVE the monk’s words and tone once you get through the first couple minutes…








The rest of our adventure is underway. As I write this we are part-way into week 2. If you are keen to learn more about the rest, or to register, you can still do that by going here.

Big hug,