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Relationships are sooo good when they are good. Gosh, they just lift us up. Everything seems great with the world and we can weather any storm. Joy and laughter is always  close at hand and we feel strong to grow our dreams, our lives. And cozy.


But oh my, when a relationship that is important to us is just not working, life can feel SO off. We are smart people, we have a lot to offer, and yet we can end up feeling so small, confused, lost, depressed. We don’t know what to do, how to fix it.  


After awhile, we end up feeling resentful, disappointed, angry or just plain ‘down’ all the time. Bleck. It feels like a trap when that happens. How did it get to this? What the heck happened, and why does it feel so awful? What can a person do to change this?


To start with, you’re not crazy 😉


Feeling ALL of these emotions and more is GOOD, in a sense. It shows you that you still have FEELINGS! You still CARE about yourself and your life. This is really important.


But what can you do? Things are confusing. Should you leave? Stay? What’s the right path?


GACK, why is it so hard to figure out?


The solution may NOT be in our noggin’


Our brains are good at making sandwiches, knitting socks, counting sheep…

Our brains are NOT good at figuring out emotions. Not good at all. Downright useless. 


And yet, in a relationship it’s the EMOTIONS that make it work or not, certainly not the logic, right? But, when we’re trying to figure out a relationship with another person, we get busy trying to figure it all out with our minds.


This is a recipe for an astonishing amount of frustration, confusion, and ‘getting nowhere slowly’ and can keep people stuck for years. 



Let me show you something – a glimpse inside


While we mentally struggle with our thoughts about a relationship, a huge opportunity to move forward and really figure things out lies just under the surface of our everyday awareness.


The surprising open door is through our inner physical reactions. I’ll call it our ‘energy’, and what it does in relationships can be very enlightening. I’ll show you what I mean. Take about 30 seconds here to close your eyes and just notice how your body feels for a little bit. See if you can more or less feel your whole body sitting there. When you’re ready, imagine that the other person comes in and stands very near you without touching. Notice if your body reacts to their ‘presence’. 




This reaction, and learning how to change it is a wide-open doorway to healing and self-empowerment, it very often changes a relationship dramatically, and it certainly changes the person who begins this journey. It takes them out of having to ‘react’ all the time and straight into the ‘mastery’ chair of their own lives. 


Big. Change.


This is what Sylvia had to say about her experience: “Thank you Alex, for helping me deal with the frustration and anger I was experiencing in my marriage. I attended a session with Alex when I was incredibly angry with my husband. Within an hour I went from wanting to hit my husband to feeling loving and truly appreciating him. Alex, you are truly gifted in helping me work through my struggles in relationships. Thanks so much.”   ~Sylvia


The program

 This program is a series of 3 lessons with HIGHLY unique meditation exercises. This will give you the opportunity to experience:


  • What exactly is happening deep inside with your relationships, and this will change and evolve as we go.
  • How to change these reactions in minutes… leading to healing that not only YOU will feel, but often your ‘partner’ too.
  • How to do mini-sessions to constantly enhance your relationships with anybody.
  • Gain either great improvement in your relationship with somebody, or more clarity and confidence to move on if it’s no longer for you.


And we begin this journey with the first meditation – a VISIT inside you. You will be directed to this immediately upon registration. 



My wish for you…


People are the most amazing reasons for being alive. To hang out with them, to love and be loved, to share our gifts with each other. To hear someone singing, taste someone’s cooking, or laugh our fool heads off at someone’s joke… this is the stuff of life.


We may talk about world peace as if it’s some kind of impossible notion. Is it really?


I am sharing this program, putting the time into creating it because I have so much belief in the power of people to change their experience of life, and to change this world. I also believe that this relationship resolver is something you can share with your family. If you have kids, it could make such a difference to their lives down the road. If you’re feeling like you’ve got important things to do, a whole heap of happiness to explore, and experiences to have… if a relationship is really getting you down, or it’s time to bring it up a notch… for sure give the Relationship Resolver a whirl 🙂   ~Alex




To do this program: cost and how to start

Because you have bought Monica Da Maren’s astonishingly beautiful and important book, Alone Together…

YOU get this $125 meditation-based course for the grand total of…


nada. zip. It’s yours. And I am so so so pleased to share this with you.


How to begin:

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