Relationship Resolver Module 2 – the Ripple Effect

Welcome to stage TWO in the Relationship Resolver. Here’s what to do… 

1. Click on the headphones below to download your second meditation. It’s called ‘The Ripple Effect’ where we will go much more deeply and strategically into what a relationship ‘looks like’ through the lens of your energy. I submit that what is happening at this level governs all else, including what we say, how we feel, how others behave… it is, quite literally, the vibes we are giving off. For real. 

2. When you finish it the first time, and each subsequent time, journal what internal reactions came up for you. The ‘having to write down what happened’ will improve your powers of observation immensely!


Click here to download your meditation from dropbox


Drop me a line anytime, personally. I’d love to know how you find these meditations, and if they are making a difference for you. My email address is: alex [at] bigdreamprogram [dot] com.

 When you are ready for the next step, here is the link to Module 3: The One Way Glass 

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