30 day roadtrip

mugshot of AlexWelcome to the 30 day inner roadtrip!

I’m so glad you are here.

This 30day roadtrip is quite a ride. It was recorded *live* a few months ago and just like a roadtrip, has a lot of unexpected twists and turns. I believe this is what has made it so special. There is a lot of amazing energy, I feel, gathered around these meditations and to notice the effects of this, you’ll really want to *feel* these meditations with your body – even more than hearing every word. ¬†btw – Day 4 turned into a bit of a dog-sitting fiasco, hence you’ll notice the ‘sequel’ in Day 4.5/5, but I still thought I’d leave it in there. It was one of the bumps on the roadtrip ūüėČ ¬†I so hope you enjoy these. Let me know. ¬†big love, Alex


Day 1:¬†What you will find here: a hearty welcome to you from me, an overview of what we’re doing, what kind of meditation is this, what is it for, and a foundation meditation to meet your body: Hello! Hello? Beuler…?

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Day 2:¬†Mental overload? overwhelm? There might be only one problem, and interestingly enough, it’s *not* in your head ūüėČ Reminds me of this quote from Mark Twain: ‘I am an old man and have¬†known a great many troubles,¬†but most of them never happened.’¬†In today’s adventure: learn what coffee-loving orchestra musicians can teach us about your mind.

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Day 3:¬†take a journey with me to the ‘outback’ and see one of the most astonishing realizations that your body’s energy can show you… where ‘joy’ is. Wow.

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Day 4:¬†I had a dog-sitting fiasco that cut today’s call short ūüėČ In our short call, however, we met ‘Harvey the gate-keeper’ Did you know you had him working for you? Continued in the next call ūüėČ

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Day 4.5 & 5:¬†The Harvey meditation, and what to do when you’re trying to meditate but something in your life or body has such a ‘loud volume’ it draws your mind away… Note that this call became 4.5 & 5 together





Day 6: the relationship resolver insight meditation

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Day 7:¬†an advanced inner roadtrip today…

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Day 8:¬†what in the world can we do with distraction… it’s a great sign!

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Bonus q&a chat: some questions and discussion


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Day 9 intro video: what Buddha on a bicycle can offer us about our meditating




Day 9:¬†repeat after me: I will not concentrate today ūüėČ



Day 10: the magic of the one-way glass



Day 11:¬†how to begin unlocking your relationship with your dreams and goals. What they mean, and what they’re trying to do for you


Day 12:¬†where the big dreams nourishment is…


Day 13: the power and beautiful energy in our vulnerabilities


Day 14: Hello world


Day 15:¬†where the qualities and ‘things’ you most want to bring into your life are now. This one may surprise you.


Day 16:¬†introducing you to your greatness, your light and… how would you like to be treating it down the road?


Day 17:¬†an unlikely view of your ‘work’ in this world ūüôā


Day 18:¬†hanging with the energy of laughter, health and financial greatness, friends & family, and bam… your creativity. See what you think!


Day 19:¬†what challenges are made of… !!


Day 20: are your challenges and solutions one in the SAME energy?


Day 21: you get to spend some time with some of the COOLEST people on the planet in this one. I LOVE this personally, I use this concept almost every day


Day 22:¬†having a lovely afternoon soaking in the sunlight of ‘breakthrough energy’


Day 23: What if this thing were to become suddenly very easy? How would that feel?


Day 24: the magic door. How we can stop scrambling.


Day 25:¬†taking your ‘rebel’ out on a date.


Day 26: the case of the magic chair. All jokes aside, this may be the most real-world useful understanding you take away from this roadtrip. The journey of a dream through your body. This has been HUGELY eye-opening for me with my clients. Bigtime.


Day 27:¬†this meditation will put you head and shoulders above the ‘rest’ ūüėČ We turn thinking backwards. Figuring great things out in our lives might be more about growing the ‘light bulbs’ that are already in our heads rather than searching for answers outside.


Day 28: Today, a meditation about courage, and the last few minutes are optional. Only if you feel ok with it, ok?


Day 29:¬†I have been waiting for 29 days to share this with you, and I think you might just be astonished at this body insight. It’s a doozie.


Day 30: Our closing *ceremony* and an honour to the energy you bring to the table here.