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I will be putting a lovely introduction here very shortly, but some of you are ALREADY chomping at the bit to get the first workbook, so let me just give you that here, and then edit this intro later. Your first workbook is 25 pages so you’ve got plenty to read and do in there regardless 😉

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Workbook 1: The 29 Questions

image (1)I have a few different formats for you. If you are accustomed to Google Docs, you can use that link. Once you get in there, you can hit File > Make a Copy. Then you’ll have your own copy and can edit right in the workbook.

Workbook 1 in Google Docs

If you’re thinking Google What-the-Heck? You can download one of these:

Workbook 1 in Word

Workbook 1 pdf

I give a couple of suggestions in the Workbook Intro for ‘where to put’ your answers – such as with an honest-to-god real pen in a notebook – haha! – or do yourself up a little text file. As I said, if you are using Google Docs, then you can make a copy and type directly in your copy of the workbook. BUT… if you are using Word or pdf, it may or may not be an option for you to type directly in the workbook. If you figure out great work-arounds for this, please let me know so I can share it with others.


Layout note for those printing off the documents: I didn’t want to fill the workbook with endless ‘lines to write on’ when it’s impossible to know how much space anyone needs for a given answer, plus many people will prefer to write on paper or in their own document anyway. If you come up with any savvy suggestions about ways I can improve the format of these workbooks that might make it easier for people, please let me know. Eventually, I would like to turn this into an optional web-based thing where you can type your answers directly into text boxes in an online form. Alas, that is a little ways down the road for me right now 😉




Workbook 2: The Filler-Outer


image (2)Same selection of formats below AND a new one – check the update at the bottom. Click the one that best suits you. I *love* this material. It has made such a complete difference in my life and work over the years and my experiences with my family, and thankfully for so many people I work with 1on1. But… this is the first time I’m attempting it in a self-guided way. I think this work is going to help a lot of folks – both clients and non-clients alike – The work is mature, but this way of sharing it online, for me, is still in toddler-bumping-into-things stage. So please let me know how you WORK the workbooks… on the computer? printed off? etc. I’d like to know your tricks so I can improve this as I go 🙂

Workbook 2: Google Docs

Workbook 2: Word

Workbook 2: pdf


**Update** If you are printing this workbook #2 off and wanting to fill-in by hand, I’ve created a new Workbook 2 for you. The ones above just have ‘placeholders’ for copying and pasting your answers (on the computer). These ones below are different – they have spaces in them for writing in with… your favourite pen 🙂


Print-off Version of Workbook 2: Google Docs

Print-off Version of Workbook 2: Word

Print-off Version of Workbook 2: pdf

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Likewise, if you have any questions or reflections along the way with your MapMaker kit… drop me a line 🙂


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