The MapMaker: Choose Your Own Adventure


Hi there,


What would it be like to have a guidebook about you? A map that makes sense of all the crazy things you are interested in, and would love to experience in your life?


I have a new and I hope very intriguing opportunity for you trailblaze-y folks who would love some intervention figuring out their work or life plan. ie – what the *&^% am I doing with my life?!  If you’ve been leaving work these days wondering how close you are to snapping – and just quitting, or a piece of you feels 🙁 dying inside. Oh gosh… I know that place well also 🙁


And, it’s not your fault. Wasn’t mine when I was lost either. In my personal experience – maybe in yours – and if statistics that tell us that 86% of people are unhappy with their work or lives are any indication – mainstream society has checked out the wrong book from the library on figuring out life direction.


<— Maybe this one 😉
All jokes aside, I’m sure this book is awesome. It is GREAT to get lost sometimes, which is what I know they intend here.


But where i’m coming from here is the pain of feeling lost with work and life for years and years. And years. Feeling like we’ve been working our tails off. And… a sense that despite our weaknesses or challenges or age, greatness is indeed inside us somewhere, but we just can’t seem to find the idea, or the way to get the greatness out. Arghhhhhh!



Have you found yourself daydreaming… things akin to:


  • Maybe I should do more with my yoga?
  • Should I just go for my art fulltime?
  • How the hell would I make a living though?
  • If I could just decide WHICH of my 6 ideas to pursue I could give it a shot!?
  • Should I maybe work with my hands? Get out of this ratrace?
  • Why does it seem that some people have it all figured out – are on their life adventure – rocking it, and I’m still sitting here at the station? 🙁
  • Is there something wrong with me? Am I just too unmotivated?


These things are tough. Really, really tough, and painful on our self-esteem. And… they can last for years – for me, almost two decades. But they are so much easier to navigate when you have a plan in place that custom fits YOU – one you’re naturally and organically committed to, happy with. One that suddenly makes sense of the seemingly disconnected interests you have.


It’s that old thing, we could be awesome at something if we could just figure out WHAT. You wouldn’t even mind going back to school for years, or putting some excellent effort into building something over time… it doesn’t have to be overnight… IF… you felt sure of what you wanted to build.


I, and a lot of my clients feel the 5JRs (Juicy Realizations) are a badass way to figure out a plan that’s perfect and includes all the crazy unique things that make you YOU because they take into account the full organic picture – not just work but also things like your big dreams, your personal life, your family & friends, the difference you’d love to make in the world, etc.


Many of you reading this will already have heard of the 5JRs in a workshop with me, in this video, or maybe from the $1 WTH am I doing with my Life Video eKit, but only a few private clients and previous MapMaker pilots know that I’ve distilled a whole life+work design process to 29 questions. With these q’s we can fill in a damn exciting ‘my-life, dreams, &-work to explore-this-year’ Map.


I call this process the MapMaker. It’s like being able to have a fill-in-the-blanks adventure guide to… YOU.


This would be for you if you’ve been feeling a bit rudderless and would like to feel more on-track.


The MapMaker Process: here’s how it works

This is a self-guided program through 2 Workbooks (65 pages altogether) that you can begin now if you’d like. And I very much offer up taking yourself to a lovely coffee shop, park, or curling up in your favourite chair to do this, as this program is about feeling more ‘at home’ both in your life and what you want to do with your work’. Why not do this someplace that makes you feel comfortable, with a tasty beverage or picnic 🙂
There are stories, examples, and teaching segments throughout both workbooks.



image (1)

Part 1 is called the MapMaker 29 Questions – that you can answer. Here is an example… Question #8: If magic wands were being handed out to you and other people too, and with your magic wand you could solve or go a long way to solving one problem in the world, what would be the first three things that come to mind? The ‘shortlist’, if you will, of what would feel is very meaningful to use your wand to do. Rest assured that other people with other wands will handle other issues. You just have to pick 3 to shortlist.


Part 2 is called the MapMaker Filler-Outer where you get to plug your answers from the 29 questions into a template to flesh out a ‘guide-book’ for you.


In a couple of days, or however long it takes you to drink lovely teas or coffees and answer 29 questions… you can have not only a ‘for now’ plan, but I have found over the years that the biggest value of this is that it becomes a ‘way to figure things out’ BEYOND now – as we grow and change. When we have new ideas, success in something, want to do a special project, or have a family… As we evolve, these 29 questions and the 5 JRs will grow with you nicely – KEEPING you feeling like you know what you are doing, & what you want to do.


Details (how to do it)


Cost: $97 Cdn 

When: you can start right away. Why not. Carpe Diem 🙂

How: To register, please email me, Alex, here , and tell me why you’re interested. If it’s a good fit, I’ll send you a payment link and you can head into the 29 questions – armed with a lovely hot beverage and a sense of new beginnings.

How to start: You can pay by email transfer if you’re in Canada – pls send $97 to alex[at]bigdreamprogram[dot]com Use security question: Map What?  and Answer: Maker

OR – you can pay by credit card or paypal here.


I totally trust you. Start Now! In case there are any technical delays getting to your Workbooks, or if you’re waiting for me to receive the email transfer… I want you to be able to get started.  Please keep this link to yourself 😉  Here is the link INTO your workbooks.


(ps – if you would love this, and can’t manage that price, or need a payment plan, drop me a line and we’ll work something out for you.)


Huge big hug,