About Alex

mugshot of AlexAfter 20 years of making bad decisions in his work life, Alex, thankfully, had a brainwave.


He’d spent a loooong time trying to figure out what the *&^% to do with his life, and after two 10yr careers as commercial diver, then Reiki Master… (you see the connection, don’t you?..  ?) he still hadn’t cracked it. And was just about thinking he’d missed the boat.

One April afternoon, (no blinding light, just a nice coffee) he suddenly realized the problem. He was trying to answer the wrong questions to figure it all out. Turns out ‘what would I like to do?’ is a VERY unhelpful and trap-making question for many of us. And it’s been keeping many of us stuck for decades.

He realized that most people with lots of interests, passions, care for the world, and ambition to experience a lot in life are going about figuring out their work / income / lifestyle ideas the wrong way.

Mainstream models of figuring out ‘what the eff to do with your life’ work really badly for many of us, and can keep us searching, unhappy, or broke.

Alex has since been traveling around North America, often with his family, tent, and laptop… teaching workshops… helping to bring a taste of freedom and greatness to folks who just KNEW they had it in them. But couldn’t find it.

With his bizarre accent, propensity to colourful language and self-employment, down-to-earthiness, and a massive dose of story-telling, he is bringing people’s boats back in.