1000 Resource Kit Welcome

Here is your resources page. I’m so glad to have you in!

I’m putting this together as we go… adding resources in sequence, so keep checking back on this page for updates!


Resource #1: your bucket list

Jumpstart eWorkbook

Let’s start right away… first off is one of my most popular programs on small dream way-finding. The Jumpstart eCourse (value $45!)  I think you’ll really enjoy it. 

It will help you develop your ‘bucket list’ of dreams, and what I think you will find eye-opening is that after developing your list, you will notice they fall into very concrete themes. The emotions or feelings associated with these themes is the gold-dust we are looking for underneath the surface. Here you go!

The Jumpstart has been a really popular program of mine (downloaded in 13 countries so far!) to help people evolve their bigger list of life’s dreams, and what they mean. Included is a Goal Log for those of us that *love* that sorta thing 😉

Download the eWorkbook and Goal Log here: the Jumpstart eCourse Complete & Goal Log




Resource #2: The Goal Visualizer Meditation

This has been one of my favourite meditations personally. It is a 10min meditation and it’s been a catalyst in my life and in many of my clients’. I so wanted to give it to you here in the resource kit. Here you go!

 Click here to play


Resource #3: The New Year’s Revolution teleclass recording 

This 1hr workshop below has material and insights I don’t have anywhere else – it’s very unique! Note – I’m still working on getting this new wordpress site all organized properly. The link below will take you to a page on my old site – the teleclass is there – but any menu links you see above may not be currently working! I’m a work in progress 😉 


Click here to play